ADCOCloud | Adherence Complicance Cloud

Adherence Compliance Cloud

Rethink cannabis compliance.

Evolve to automated Cannabis Risk Management.

AdcoCloud | Licensed Operators

Licensed Operators

Cannabis programs starting at $99 per month! ADCOCloud Apps for Cannabis Risk Assessments, Risk Reports and Scores, Inventory Compliance Reports & our data-driven Learning Management System.

AdcoCloud | FinTech


Our Financial Services practice provides financial institutions with compliance tools and programs to manage inventory, enhanced due diligence, KYC, BSA, AML and FinCEN requirements. Start today.

AdcoCloud | RegTech


Our Government Services practice provides automated tools to inspect, report on and manage cannabis licensed operators. Serving government regulatory agencies since 2017. Leverage experience today.

AdcoCloud | Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Data-driven training programs available for businesses, regulators & financial institutions serving the cannabis industry, How do cannabis businesses fail?.

Learn from data and failure patterns.

Accelerate Cannabis Risk Management

The ADCOCloud solution leverages automation technology to reduce compliance risk. Whether you are a licensed operator, government agency, or financial institution, the ADCOCloud is an accelerated, compliance-ready environment. For as little as $99 per month per license, implement easy, affordable risk management apps and programs designed to provide the data and insight you need to succeed.

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The ADCOCloud serves North American, Europe and Asia Pacific cannabis markets.