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Cannabis Inventory Compliance Reports

Cannabis Dispensary / Retail Store

Inventory Compliance Report

Inventory is your most important financial asset. Start each day with a complete view of inventory for your cannabis dispensary or store license. Our daily, automated reports are compliance-driven and customized by state. Analyze inventory levels, see potential violations and view your daily Cannabis Inventory Risk ScoreTM - in one, easy-to-read, convenient report. Know your inventory risk. 

Cannabis Compliance Programs

  • Does your cannabis store license have any potential inventory violations?

  • Do your physical & secondary inventory tracking systems match Metrc?

  • Are you ready for an inventory or financial audit? 


We are a Validated Integrator of Metrc in multiple states (see below). We've been working with the Metrc track-and-trace system since 2014. As compliance and cannabis risk management experts, ADCO understands the importance of accurate inventory reporting and financials management.

Metrc Validated Integrator

Cannabis Inventory Risk Score TM

Each day, cannabis inventory is a potential compliance risk to your business. ADCO has developed another industry first, the Cannabis Inventory Risk Score that has been added to intro & premium reports. Contact us today to learn more about scoring and audits.


Daily reports for Dispensary / Retail Store include:

  • Sales Data: Daily; Last 7 Days; Month-to-Date; Last Month

  • Inventory Package Data

  • Package Aging & Quantity Analysis

  • Product Category Aging & Quantity Analysis

  • Incoming, Outgoing & Rejected Transfers

  • Cannabis Inventory Risk Score (New)

  • Financial Audit Reports (New)

Contact Us today to request your 7-day Free Trial. Our process is GET-only, so we never update or edit your data. Once we have your approval and Metrc Administrator API Key, you'll start receiving your daily Cannabis Inventory Compliance Reports the next day. Know your inventory violation risk now. 


If you decide to continue, it's only $99 per month per license.

*Ask about our multi-license discount!

Financial + Operational Compliance

Add the ADCOCloud Apps for only $50 more per month!

Rethink cannabis compliance. Evolve to cannabis inventory risk management. Start today.

Cannabis Inventory Compliance Report
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