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Cannabis Regulatory Agencies

Automated Cannabis Regulatory Solutions

The automated software and programs you need to achieve your goals. Our solutions provide structure and organization to your internal processes by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and regulatory compliance initiatives. Leverage more than 6 years of cannabis regulatory agency experience to automate your state or local cannabis program.

Cannabis Government Services

Our Global Go Cloud enables agencies to implement low- to no-cost cannabis regulatory programs. Obtain the regulatory inspection data you need – including inventory, compliance, and audit reports. Manage an effective, data-driven cannabis regulatory program that measures financial and operational compliance. 


Financial Risk Management

Our Cannabis Inventory Compliance Reports including our new Cannabis Inventory Risk ScoreTM, along with monthly and annual audit reports provide everything needed to effectively assess if licensed operators are paying what is owed.


Operational Risk Management

Our Global Go Cloud Apps includes Risk Assessments, Risk Reports, Regulatory Code Search, Analytics, and more for inspecting, managing and reporting on cannabis licensed operators.

Automated cannabis program monitoring components include:

  • Cannabis Compliance Training Courses (up to 20-hours)

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Operational Risk Management

  • Monthly Regulatory Program Management

Cannabis Inventory Compliance Report

Cannabis Inventory

Compliance Reports

Metrc Inventory Reports

Validated Integrator

Cannabis Compliance Inspection App
Cannabis Regulatory Inspection Report
Cannabis Regulatory Search

Online Cannabis Compliance Inspections

Our online compliance inspections are automated, remote, and video-based. The process works with Global Go trained experts leading the inspection with City, County or State inspectors. Overall, the process takes about 2-4 hours over a two-day period. The service includes an online inspection with delivery and review of the Risk Report and Risk Score.


Cannabis Compliance Inspection


Contact Us today for useful insights and resources on state and local government programs for regulated cannabis and marijuana.


How do Cannabis Licenses fail? Click our Top 10 Violations by License Type data below. Learn from data and analyze failure patterns to improve your cannabis regulatory program today.


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