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Learn from Cannabis Operational Data

Operational data and risk metrics are the new currency in the cannabis industry.

The Global Go Cloud is a suite of risk management automation apps and learning management solutions that are purpose-built for the complexities of the cannabis industry. After more than 9 years of collecting cannabis compliance and risk management data, we've amassed a mountain of empirical evidence on how cannabis businesses fail, most frequent violations by license type, operational risk metrics, and more. Learning from failure is critical to cannabis operational success.

Top 10 Cannabis Cultivation Center Violations

  • Planting, growing, harvesting, trimming, drying, curing & transport

Top 10 Cannabis Dispensary / Retail Store Violations

  • Medical or recreational sales to patients and +21 customers


Top 10 Cannabis Manufacturer / Infused Producer Violations

  • Extraction process, infusion process, post-processing, storage, remediation, packaging and labeling processes & transport

Top 10 Cannabis Distributor / Transporter Violations (coming soon)

  • Procurement, sale, and transport of cannabis and cannabis products between legally licensed operators


2021 Cannabis Risk Management Data Spotlight

  • Failure patterns by license type, most frequent violations for inventory, security & surveillance, OSHA, and statistics by U.S. State.

How to Bank Cannabis: A Compliance Guide for Financial Institutions

  • Restricted to banks, credit unions and our financial institution partners


Top 5 Cannabis

Inventory Violations

Top 5 Cannabis Inventory Violations

Top 5 Cannabis Security & Surveillance Violations

Top 5 Cannabis Security Violations

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Top 5 Cannabis

OSHA Violations

Top 5 Cannabis OSHA Violations

Which U.S. cannabis markets have the lowest investment risk? Leverage Global Go data to better understand operational and long-term investment risk.


Cannabis Risk Management Scores


License owners, financial institutions and government regulatory agencies choose the Global Go Cloud as their solution partner. Contact us to get started today.

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